Our services
Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions

We provide all services related to the founding, operation and management of companies. Our services in this field especially include the founding of companies, organization of general meetings including their conduct, realization of changes in existing companies, from changes of members of companies to increase or decrease of registered capital and winding up or liquidation of the company.

For our client´s comfort, our law firm is able to sell existing companies which were set up exclusively for the purpose of sale to clients, have therefore not ever been used for business activities, and are ready for immediate use (“ready-made companies”).

We also cater to our clients their obligations arising from the law of a group of companies (review of relationships between controlling and controlled entities, assistance with the drafting of reports on such relationships, drafting of controlling agreements, review of relationships arising from transfers of property among companies in group etc.), we draft shareholders´ agreements and we also provide legal services concerned with protection of the rights of minority shareholders (obligatory squeeze out offers etc.)

We are also concerned with legal relationships arising from management and statutory bodies (assistance with appointments, recalls, drafting of management agreements and determination of the scope of liability and powers).

We further provide full scope of legal services related to the acquisitions of concerns, companies and/or enterprise; all kinds of transformations of business companies (merger, division, transfer of assets to a partner/shareholder, change of legal form) included. We are concerned especially with legal due diligence of the acquired subject, preparation of all contractual documentation, preparation of all reports and other documents necessary for transformation, representation in negotiations on the terms and conditions of the transaction, legal services associated with the permits to be obtained from public administration bodies, and legal optimization of the concern, company or enterprise after the acquisition.